A Rush Of Euphoria

A Rush Of Euphoria

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Jen_debry By Jenniferwest2018 Updated Apr 07, 2019

She never expected love, nor a mate. She was doomed, cursed by the moon goddess forever enslaved by her, never had she expected to be claimed by her son himself. 
        Now she's Thorned between love and duty.


"I hate the way you make me feel" she whispered against my chest.

Wow "How so" I asked her penetrating her with my gaze, she shivered again.

"You.. You M-makke me F-feel crazy, I must admit, I feel something towards you whenever you are close and afar, when you touch me, kiss me. But you know that's all impossible I never felt this way towards Dimitri nor Alpha reddick your mother made sure of it and that is why I don't understand why am feeling this way, frustrated, confused. Maybe who knows its only sex I need from you and after all after that am sure I will stop craving for you because any moment from now I think I would loose my mind"

That's because you belong to me silly

I smirked at her "Oh! Do I? Why don't I feel surprised"

"Of course you won't, why would you? When actually you are the one bewitching me to want you so bad!"

My Lycan purred. It seems it reflected because she stilled again "Your.. Your eyes has changed its colour to gold again"

"That's because It wants you"


"My Lycan, we both want you so bad. I'm mad for you, your body your soul your flesh and your submission"