OnuIdu  (The Lion King)

OnuIdu (The Lion King)

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HanneBegum By Hannatullah Updated Apr 26

"No matter how monstrous a man is, there is always a weak spot".

In the year 1879, during the pre colonial period, the IgalaMela Odolu was ruled by a cruel, wicked and heartless Attah. King Furqan (Iduh) Obaje Omar.

OnuhIduh, a great king with a heart of stone derives pleasure in killing. He never give a damn about his people. 

His achievements includes conquering of kingdoms and captured lots of noble women to have fun with.This time around he had an encounter with the most beautiful princess in the whole empire, Princess Almas (ebule) AgoOfe Ladan. 

Enchanted by her beauty spell, he captured her after conquering her kingdom Asir with the sole intention of making her his Queen.

But there's an obstacle. King Uthman,  ruler of Umomi kingdom after hearing about the great Iduh bravery and victories on the battlefields, he brought a proposal stating a wedding between his youngest beautiful daughter, Princess Suri and King Furqan (Iduh). As an alliance between the two kingdoms. 

Umomi being a military endowed kingdom will be hard to conquer in the future. Now Iduh King is in a state of dilemma.Will the Iduh King ignore this proposal and marry Princess Almas,following his heart and putting his entire kingdom and conquered states in danger of being conquered by King Uthman? Or will the Iduh King accept this proposal ignoring his personal feelings and achieving his selfish aim of joining forces with Umomi. and also saving his kingdom? 

Read on and Find out what happens further in this game of power, love, and betrayal.

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