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April Buckley By xxHead16Strongxx Updated Jul 01, 2012

Allyson Crymuskis. A 15-year-old girl, somehow getting through high school, with a crush on the hottest guy in tenth grade at Claverton High, Jonathon D'Carlo. Sounds like a typical teenage girl, right? What's so special about Allyson, anyway?

What's special about her is her linked past with Christian Verenni, better known as Slayer. Slayer is a druggie, a drunk, and a completely different person than the one Ally used to know. His once-blond hair is now black, he's lost about 20 pounds, and he's always sulking. Ally had broken off contact with him since she learned he had started using and abusing drugs. But, after they reconnect, Ally starts to have flashbacks--of their childhood, of Slayer's rocky past, of the summer that tore Ally's life apart, and even of their slowly blossoming romance. As Ally gets tangled even deeper within Slayer's dangerous life, her best friend, Destinee, is pulled in as well. And, to make things even more complicated, Ally starts to grow close with--of all people--Jonathon D'Carlo.

What can Ally do to get out of the mess she's gotten herself into?

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xxHead16Strongxx xxHead16Strongxx Feb 23, 2013
@CharneAliciaBotes ok so I was 12 when I wrote this if you haven't noticed the last update was nearly two years ago and I actually know how to write now I understand this sucks but thanks for the advice
xxHead16Strongxx xxHead16Strongxx Aug 03, 2011
@realityxfantasy Thanks, and yeah I know, I wrote this almost 9 months ago haha (: my better chapters are my most recent ones. but thanks!!! :D
realityxfantasy realityxfantasy Aug 03, 2011
Nice job but some grammar errors :P Please fix them! Great details! Giving you a vote
CreepyGirl CreepyGirl Apr 28, 2011
Really enjoy reading your story! And @NayaCuppyCakeOwens is right, this will get WAY popular.
xxHead16Strongxx xxHead16Strongxx Mar 01, 2011
@NayaCuppyCakeOwens  haha love you too since your the only one that reads my story ^-^