The Mate at the Wedding (sequel to "The Werewolf in my English Class")

The Mate at the Wedding (sequel to "The Werewolf in my English Class")

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PainterOfTheStarsXx By PainterOfTheStarsXx Updated Dec 23, 2012

~This is the sequel to The Werewolf in my English Class, if you haven’t read that this story might be confusing, you can read it but be prepared for slight confusion in the beginning!~

Jenn and Kyle are about to get married and to top it off Jenn is pregnant, Justin, their best friend, stands beside them for protection for it is feared Alexander will return to take Jenn as his own.

Justin will do everything to protect his closest friends and Alpha but also looks for a mate of his own to have the same bond Jenn and Kyle have.

Unexpectedly (not really for most readers though) Justin’s mate shows up during the wedding ceremony, but she is not what he expected. Justin loves his mate dearly, but when his friends are in danger… can he protect them all?

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Original_Keiani Original_Keiani Jul 10, 2017
I love vampires but hate vimapire books love movies. I love werewolfs but hate movies love books
Tinychica_FL Tinychica_FL Nov 26, 2016
Awwwww she is blind!!! That is sad, I got child from that paragraph!!!
leonwolf leonwolf Jan 21, 2016
Hi, I'm new on here, and have written a story and would love for some reads :) please take a few minuets out of your time to read >>>>  Violet & the Immortal world   <<<<<<  please type it in the search box up top :) Thank you
_the_unknown_girl2 _the_unknown_girl2 Jan 08, 2016
Ok I am like almost 100% this is Alex's sister and Justin's mate
BloodyRoseQueen BloodyRoseQueen Jan 06, 2016
I kinda know how she feels as my grandfather has been totally blind since he was 25
Greekgoddess1302 Greekgoddess1302 Jun 20, 2015
I have a scary feeling that Jenn falls in love with Justin... yeah, I have read the description of the book but I have this funny feeling...