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LUMI 中本 By luminous_zen Updated Mar 06, 2020

Book Two of Neo City Trilogy

#1 in NCT
#2 in AU
#29 in ACTION

Little Red Riding Hood met the Big Bad Wolf. He came to devour her heart; she came to conquer his soul.

Disclaimer: This story might make you cry pt2 ;-;

"I will clear the way for you," I shouted, my voice clashing with the sound of the waves. The sea in front of us was nothing but a black horizon. "Wield a gun. Pierce my heart. Hold me down to the ground. I still won't leave you. I will find out a plan, an escape, for us to run away - "

He stood barefoot in the sands of the beach, his eyes watching the billows. "Drown," he whispered, face cold and hollow. If we weren't this close, I wouldn't be able to hear him. "What if we drown?" 

I knew he's afraid of the sea. Afraid of the water, the trees, the sands, the storm. He's terrified of the world itself. Outside the Capital, he's nothing but a little child. Gone. Lost. Alone.

But I'm here. We're here. The world brought us here.

"Listen, Yuta," I smoothed his brown hair with my hands, his body wincing in surprise. "They won't find us."

He may haven't spoken a word, but at least he nodded. In an attempt to soothe him, I traced the bruise marks on his cheekbones.

He's trembling.

As the waves clashed louder and the sands turned icier, he moved his hand above mine. And began to stroke it with his thumb.

Now I'm the one who's trembling.

"My skin and body only existed at where you touch me, Soo," he said, knocking me off defenseless. "The rest of it is just a cloud of smoke."

Cover Credit: Art by guwei

Date Started: 07-08-18
Date Finished: ??-??-??

Second Book of the Neo City Trilogy.