Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing)

Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing)

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I was forced into a marriage of my parent's choosing. Strapped down and saddled to a man who only cared about himself. I couldn't force myself out of the marriage because I had made a stupid move by signing a contract that I never knew about. Now here I was expected to pretend to be a very happy wife to one of Miami's ex-players or not so ex since he still was a player in our marriage.  
Confused and young Samantha never expected for her life to have a dramatic twist when her parents told her one night that she was to marry Devin Maker, a young infamous businessman. But what happens when two young adults are thrown into a marriage along with drama on each side. Will the pot sizzle with drama as events from their past become part of their present lives?

#1 ChickLit 7/28/15

Disclaimer~ There are many grammar issues in the story that I have yet to fix. If that bothers you then I advise you to wait until I edit the chapters. If that is not a problem with you at all then happy reading. I will also be rewriting each chapter slowly.

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Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Aug 20, 2017
Um girl don't hate on us cuz you don't got our talent. Maybe I wanna be unrecognizable that day did you think of that? Makeup has no rules
dylan123_daddy dylan123_daddy a day ago
@kater1n I just read your response, and now you’re rewriting the whole story or couple of chapters. Anyways, I had to respond here because chapter 16 was deleted. I can’t wait until you start writing more! :)
TheOnlyMMWO TheOnlyMMWO Apr 06, 2017
It's their face okay, it's not your face. They can do whatever they want with their face and they're the one who's gonna have the consequences, not you. Gets?
lilabby7 lilabby7 2 days ago
How abt his character 
                              Remember looks is different from a person's character
Pizza_swift Pizza_swift May 25, 2017
I actually agree with this^ i am not trying to bash the character it's just people generally shouldn't think like this of people that like makeup. It isn't even about masking your face or natural beauty HONESTLY it's fun to do and makes you feel all bold and like a badass queen
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Aug 20, 2017
Yo let you mom know I will be her daughter and she can buy me everything her heart desires. The more shoes the better 😍😍