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Alexa By AlexaRomanov Completed



"Agent Murray." 

"Yes, sir."

"Report to the jet in exactly five minutes." And then he hung up.

"That was really... short." Max whispered. "What did he say?"

"He said my name, I answered, then he said report to the jet in exactly five minutes. And then he hung up."

"Oh god."



Sophia Murray is in trouble. She's one of the best Agents the WSA has.  Why's that so bad, you ask? Because for her latest mission, she's being sent to school. Normal people school. 

Tasked with going undercover to gather intelligence on a drug cartel is hard enough. Throw in a boy who she's secretly using for information, an ex-soldier best friend and not a lot of time, and Sophia is headed for rough waters.

  • action
  • adventure
  • agents
  • assassins
  • badass
  • butt-kicking
  • girls
  • heartbreak
  • highschool
  • humor
  • romance
  • sarcasm
  • secrets
  • series
  • spies
  • spy
petraketra petraketra Mar 02
Eve thou I do write poetry never lose hope because of comment being give they should make your wonna write better and give to the world what your are and for sure without reading it I know u are a good writer
Don't listen to the haters. I really enjoyed this book even if it needed some edits here and there. It's your story. Be proud of it!
galaxyknight37 galaxyknight37 Dec 11, 2016
What do u mean I LOVED the book it all the thing I want in a book it's amazing your a amazing author
Emmah02 Emmah02 Jul 17, 2016
It sort off puts off the reader.. Instead of enticing him/her. How about a simple choice of words that creates suspense rather than underestimating your work.
Rwilso32 Rwilso32 Aug 07, 2016
Forget what everyone says. This is your story. You wrote it. Much better than most of the readers could do. Yes there are some areas for improvement but I liked it. Thought it was catchy, kept me interested. But you keep writing and as they say everything gets better in time. Good luck!
Emmah02 Emmah02 Jul 17, 2016
Why the hell start with a negative note dear author..i'd rather you just said...enjoy! Be proud of your work..you'll get better with time. 😊