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"Agent Murray." 

"Yes sir."

"Report to the jet in exactly five minutes." And then he hung up.

"That was really... short." Max whispered. "What did he say?"

"He said my name, I answered, then he said report to the jet in exactly five minutes. And then he hung up."

"Oh god."



Sophia Murray is in trouble. She's one of the best Agents the WSA has.  Why's that so bad, you ask? Because for her latest mission, she's being sent to school. Normal people school. 

Tasked with going undercover to gather intelligence on a drug cartel is hard enough. Throw in a boy who she's secretly using for information, an ex-soldier best friend and not a lot of time, and Sophia is headed for rough waters.

jess0567 jess0567 Jul 21, 2015
This is a really cool idea for a story. It's also very well written and I am really enjoying it! :)