The Cursewright's Vow [COMPLETE] [Wattys 2018 Winner]

The Cursewright's Vow [COMPLETE] [Wattys 2018 Winner]

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Ammas Mourthia is a cursewright -- an order of outlaw magicians as adept at casting curses as breaking them. Practicing his trade in the bustling city of Munazyr, he is hired by the last person he ever expected: the daughter of the cruel Emperor who put his brethren to the sword and slaughtered his family. The Princess Carala has little choice: thanks to her father, there are no other cursewrights who might purge the werewolf's blood that now infects her. Bound by his oaths to aid even the daughter of his most hated enemy, Ammas delivers the cure to Carala ... only for it to nearly kill her. 

Now, confronted with a strain of the sickness he cannot treat, pursued by a vicious pack of werewolves who want Carala for their own dark purposes, and forced to return to a part of the world where he is a wanted criminal, Ammas must try to lay his hands on the real cure if he is to have a hope of upholding the vows he swore to his trade and his client. But there are forces at play he cannot control, and secrets darker than any he ever imagined waiting to be disturbed. 

Fulfilling his vows might be the last thing Ammas Mourthia ever does.

First Place Fantasy in the 2018 Rebel Wars @Rebel_Town

Graphic violence, sexual situations, strong language.

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