Boys Will Like Girls Who Like Boys (Powerpuff Z Story)

Boys Will Like Girls Who Like Boys (Powerpuff Z Story)

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Happy Easter!

Nobody POV
"Wait, what?!" Buttercup yelled

"The Rowdyruff Boys will be going to your school," Mr.Mayor said

"Why?" Blossom whined

"No offense but that was a dumb choice , Mr.Mayor!" Bubbles (shockingly) yelled

"Look Mojo agreed to stop if they could go to school and live normal lives, so just suck it up!" he yelled

"Fine," they groaned

"I'm detecting major z-ray activity in the park!" Poochi yelled

"We're on it," Blossom yelled flying off, Bubbles and Buttercup behind her.

Brick POV
"Why do we have to do this," Boomer groaned

"And why can't we use our powers," Butch groaned

"Just suck it up," I said annoyed. Why do we have clean up the Gangreen Gangs gravitti?

"AAAHHHHH!" I heard three girls screaming. It was the puffs, They ran through a rose bush. Blossom's skirt was a little shorter now, I blushed dropping my paint brush and Butch.

"Ow. Brick!" he yelled. Then he started looking at Buttercup's ripped clothes above her belt. He blushed and dropped the paint...

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KCS1405 KCS1405 Jun 22, 2016
Author-chan why.....😖 u know my mind couldn't handle that.....wait, did u do that on purpose....
Kperez_11 Kperez_11 Oct 30, 2015
U should really spell out ur words cuz when u read it it's like... When me and my friends were playing back yard that's what it is u r leaving out words get ur things straight lady