Loud Silence. (on hold)

Loud Silence. (on hold)

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Stupid_CupiD By Stupid_CupiD Updated Apr 24, 2011

She's not a geek, and she's not slut. She's not a nerd, but she's not a cheerleader. She's not popular, yet she's not ugly. Who IS she?

Zoë Hudson is Silent.

 Zoë has never been able to express herself. She's an observer and she likes it that way by now. But when Jake, her brother and the only one who really knew her, is murdered; she is left devastated. She becomes famous overnight, famous as his assassin, his killer. If she was silent earlier, she's mute now. Did she really kill him? If not, why is she still silent?

 Devonn Perk, captain football team and hottest senior in school, now starts to notice her. Charmed by her innocence and simplistic beauty, he refuses to believe the world. He would not leave her until he finds out the truth. But would he be able to cross over the barriers she has created around her?

 Also, what is the mystery of the murderer? Will Devonn be able to protect her from the killer who is keeping track on her?

 Loud Silence is a romantic mystery where two opposites fall for one another, gaining on each other's strengths to uncover their true selves.

Funk_Tart Funk_Tart Jun 01, 2015
This sounds a lot like Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine in some ways just say in but this is good.
MuqaddasHaroon MuqaddasHaroon Aug 13, 2014
this is a really good story Hanan carry on writing 
                              your amazing I love you , sorry I didn't read it before.
Stupid_CupiD Stupid_CupiD Jun 04, 2011
i @oceaneyes1c1 i want to i hv next chap ready almost but i wont be able to continue longer , i m some problems at home....i am so  sorry , ill continue this story next year around april :S
Munni101 Munni101 Apr 26, 2011
Heyy... this is pretty snazzy. Different. A little spice. Everything nice.
                              Lol. x)
strokesatdawn strokesatdawn Apr 25, 2011
great ! :-) please read my story! :) Watching Amy Winsting ----kellyourscour
                              Need the support. :) thanks! :) i love it btw
Nahimana_dara Nahimana_dara Mar 26, 2011
i love this story, i love its title... and it made me cry :) please upload soon?