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C.F. Abbott By CaitlynPassmore Completed

What would you do if you were haunted by a past you can't recall? How far would you go for a love you don't remember? Time has a way of changing every great tale. What if the rape of Persephone wasn't actually rape? What if the myth is still continuing today? After nearly freezing the earth, Demeter the goddess of harvest is devastated to find that her icy rage on the earth has caused her daughter, Persephone, to fall extremely ill and drained of her powers. So ill that she's forgotten she ever consumed the six seeds of the pomegranate promising her to Hades, and fallen into a coma. When the goddess awakens she no longer knows she's a goddess, or even her name. It's 2016. All that remains in Perrie Adams's mind is the memory of someone she used to love and the ache of the life she now deems fiction. Little does she know the fate of both the god she once loved and all of Olympus depends on her.

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