HUNGER - Amazon Edition

HUNGER - Amazon Edition

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Tanzeela K. Hassan By Thazbook Updated Jul 14, 2018

This is the revised version of HUNGER, My First Novel. 


Adam Lyons is a successful New Yorker who has never known his mother except that her life ended moments before he began. An unexpected letter from his Pakistani grandmother sends him on a quest he didn't know he needs-a path toward satisfying his spiritual hunger.

Iman, who lives on the opposite side of Central Park, could never have predicted the turns her life would take. In her search for peace, she must submit t a fate she is desperate to escape.

But Max has his own plans. His entire life, he has been waiting to give them what they deserve rather than what they desire. He did it before. Now, he has to end things once and for all. His problem? He has to survive two life sentences to fulfil his hunger.

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