Dont Leave Me(Sequel to Dont Touch Me)

Dont Leave Me(Sequel to Dont Touch Me)

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I am PRODIGOUS By Ceioprsu Completed

"I cant loose you again!" He screamed. I felt his hand squeeze mine again. Tighter than before. 

"I know, youll be fine." Was all I could say. After all these years, he had never cried, cause he swore he wouldnt. But he cried now. As I layed here, he cried for me. 

"Please... don't leave me." He pleaded. But there was nothing I could do. I just starred at him, as he looked back at me. I knew he wasn't really seeing me, just starring and thinking. Little footsteps echoed off the walls, they mustve let her go. As me and Jacob turned to look, already knowing the challenge that faced us.

Explaining this to Zadia.

Her face lit up as she ran towards us, but not knowing the threats around her, she started to see the whole picture. Horror covered her entire expression. Her voice cracked when she called out.


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yafavshawtytrin yafavshawtytrin Jun 17, 2016
Damn. This book got real good and better than ever real fast!! Good job so far!!! (BTW, the guy who gave the lady the money is prbly my "dad".)
lalawifi lalawifi Oct 20, 2016
I really feel like I'm the only freaky person reading this cause everyone else is like "to much info" or "gross" or even "ew" & I'm like "damn daddy got that good good "