The Gang Leaders Girl (Jelena)

The Gang Leaders Girl (Jelena)

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jelena By classyjelena Updated Dec 20, 2018

Selena is just a mysterious girl. She's no goody two shoes that's for sure. While her brother is part of a gang; she is not. She has been asked to join by her brother ever since their parents death, but she always refuses. She always tells her brother that he is better off with her on her own. She is the most feared girl. She hates everyone and everything. The only thing; well person she cares for is her brother, and she'll do whatever she can to keep him safe. But she's been doing that from far away for 4 years to protect him.
                Justin is the leader of the most feared gang in the whole world. He has made it blatantly clear that he is no where near being a goody two shoes. The only people he cares for are his closest friends in his gang; other than that he hates everyone and everything. He tends to be a lone wolf; never like the idea of dating. He only does one night stands with girls then leaves them high and dry. 
                Both of them have no clue the other exists. Will it stay that way? Will they meet and fall in love? Will they just hate each other? Will they change each other? 
                A lot of swearing, smoking, drugs, and some gruesome scenes will be featured in the book. If you do not like any of that do not read this book.


This work is not mine.

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