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Avengers Initiative: Percy Jackson

Avengers Initiative: Percy Jackson

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Victoria_Nightshade By Victoria_Nightshade Updated Jun 04

This is the story of Percy Jackson, Hero of Olympus, and how he became an Avenger. Percy Jackson has just lost his girlfriend and is slowly losing his mind with the images and nightmares of Tartarus. The Gods couldn't just sit there and watch him as this happened. So, they sent him to the Avengers with hope that this ragtag team of heroes might be able to help him. Can they?

Wait what have you done to Zeus! Someone traded places with him this ain't the Zeus we know!! Run it's the end of the world
Eh. Just go destroy the heart of tartarus the place and boom realm and monsters cease along with it Tartar sauce himself.
I was about to say "Wanna let the rest of us in on what your gasping about mother?" Then I realised I didn't read the rest of the sentence 😂
StarWarsMao StarWarsMao Apr 22, 2016
*gasp* do my eyes deceive me?! He used "chain reaction" !!!!
MissKnowItAll111 MissKnowItAll111 Feb 18, 2016
NICO: *with picture of Percy* Say you'll remember me, standing in a nice dress staring at the sun set, babe.
                              PERCY: *opens cabin door* Hey, Neeks, I need-What in Hades-
                              NICO: GET OUT!!
Wise_Girl_05 Wise_Girl_05 Dec 14, 2016
What I'm surprised about is that he actually cares what happens to Percy