Smile - CraftBattleDuty

Smile - CraftBattleDuty

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Natalie James is a straight A student planning for college. Her best friend, Madison thinks she needs to focus on something other than school. 

Lachlan Power is a popular douche-bag, dating school slut Lacey Renshaw. No one ever knew his perfect life wasn't so perfect.

When the two cross paths, it doesn't take long for them to change each other's lives. Lachlan was a mystery that Natalie wanted to solve. Natalie was inexperienced when it came to fun and Lachlan wanted to show her what adventure felt like.

Over the course of two years Natalie and Lachlan discover the highs and lows of life together.

(Copyright ⓒ Madi_Plays_Minecraft)

Lol I study coffee beans, free pour and tea... you have no idea how crazy am I.
-ChelseaMorgan04- -ChelseaMorgan04- Dec 02, 2016
It's not wired. 😂 I hope someone gets that reference 😂
gigglyhipster gigglyhipster Sep 01, 2016
The "virgin friend" part reminds me of Noah Foster from Scream 😂😂
QueenOfComics QueenOfComics Apr 25, 2016
okay I'm just here to say I loved this, and I'm re-reading it, it was the first fanfic I read.
JessC2605 JessC2605 Jan 15
As a British person from ye olde tea land, I hate the stuff therefore confirming not all brits like it
katiemedrano katiemedrano Aug 16, 2016
These were my 7th grade pe teachers. Like let's play some dodge ball, kick ball, capture the flag, freeze tag