Alphas sister

Alphas sister

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MiseryLovesCompany By whiskey_buizness Updated May 22, 2019

Octavia is the sister to the Alpha of her pack.

All her life she's grown up seeing sesless banter between her parents and never any indications of real love for one another, they also never bothered to show love to her either growing up, it was strange for Octavia to think of Mates as souls mates destined by the moon goddess or a wolfs other half, especially with her parents not being an ideal example, for they were never happy with one another.

Octavia has grown up to be a cold hearted rebellious teen who seeks acknowledgement from her parents witch usually ends up in getting any kind of reaction happy or angry, until one night she takes things too far, and her parents and brother have to suspend her from her pack as punishment.

But once she leaves her pack she has found that the Alpha there is the ultimate punishment for what she had done when she finds he is her mate.