Talk Dirty to Me- Complete

Talk Dirty to Me- Complete

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Tara By MercyRose Completed

Maya Hargrove has everything in her life going for her.  She's a senior in high school, runs cross country track and her father is second in command of the Pack.  Despite being raised by just her father, she is your average, every day well adjusted teenage girl.  She was comfortable with herself until one morning when a football comes flying out of the air and shakes up her world- literally.

J.D. has an agenda.  All his life he has been planning revenge.  Revenge on the people that took his family from him.  All his research and planning has led him to this little town.  He can almost taste his sweet revenge now that it's at his fingertips reach-  that is until a certain female wolf comes storming into his life.  And this isn't just any female- it also just happens to be his mate.

Maya and J.D. go on a hair raising journey that throws curve balls at them at every corner.  Against all the odds, they end up falling for each other.  But in the end, it seems as if fate has her own tricks up her sleeves.  This is what happens when fate is reloaded.

jinsh00k24 jinsh00k24 Mar 21
Does detention even exist irl? At least, the fact that my school doesn’t have one
RaeKathryn RaeKathryn Apr 02, 2017
BentOvrBckwrds-1 BentOvrBckwrds-1 Sep 17, 2016
this jackass just marked her and now all of a sudden he needs more then one female
-mixitup- -mixitup- Jan 10, 2017
Haha, cool story so far 👍🏽👍🏽 But if you want to say he has an amazing butt, it's the gluteus maximus. The solar plexus is a point between your ribs. But maybe that point of J.D.  is very sexy too? I don't now 😂
daisysz daisysz Jan 17, 2017
Bye, I can't handle this. If his POV is this bad, god knows what else comes out from his mouth and eventually hurting his mate.