Equals (Lesbian Stories)(gxg)

Equals (Lesbian Stories)(gxg)

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LIGHTS4000 By LIGHTS4000 Updated Jul 11, 2016

Sapphire is a good looking teen girl that has the upper hand of doing anything because she is the soon to be Alpha of the Lights pack. She hangs around with the popular group and whenever she sees little Alex getting beaten up by her friends she stands there and lets them. She always feels like she should be doing something but she never does, until her she met her soulmate. 

Alexandra is your shy teenager that doesn't have any friends and is always afraid to do anything. She is the Lights pack submissive. Alex has to do anything she is told to do, she suffers the hate and abuse from her school and parents. She is hating life, until she met her soulmate. 

This is a Lesbian story about an Alpha and a Submissive being mates and having a hard time being able to be together.
If you don't like Lesbian stories then don't read.  You have been warned.
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Damn she went straight for it but like same i got zero friends my weekends consist of me, food, wattpad, and my parents yelling at me for being lazy
Ender_11 Ender_11 Jun 21
I wish I could say this was me but I'm to much a couch potatoe XD
christian_greyxx christian_greyxx Dec 30, 2017
The two main characters being partners for a class project!? WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT!
puzzled_poet puzzled_poet Jul 19, 2017
Still taller than my shitty body, least I'm an athlete 😑😑😑 HINATA
PaulJordan2 PaulJordan2 Jun 14
I thought she would go to sapphire but sapphire came to her...........weird 🤔
RattyPatootie RattyPatootie Jun 05, 2017
The cover of the book at first o glanced at it for like two seconds and thought it was a girl.....good job of that was planned!👍🏼👌🏼