Little Red

Little Red

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michelle By 7cticetch Updated Jan 28

This is not your typical werewolf book.

Little Red is a coming-of-age story of a human girl and a werewolf royalty. 


After being banished from his pack with his father, Ray swore to never call himself a werewolf again. He wanted to live as a human for the rest of his existence. Even after he met his human mate, Ray fought against it--not wanting to tie himself or his mate down to each other. He didn't want a mate, and she didn't deserve a beast for a life partner. 


When Ray Carter joined Robyn's school, she was instantly infatuated. Something invisible tugged at her heartstrings, and she didn't know what. Ray, on the other hand, seemed to hate her. Knowing she's out of his league, Robyn kept to herself, never confronting him about her feelings--never even admiting to herself that she felt something for him.


Fate, however, had something else planned for the pair as they become stranded in the woods for the night--together. Their story began that night as Ray's true identity was revealed, and Robyn learned that, perhaps, some of his kind wanted her dead. Despite it all, Robyn was swept into the world of werewolves.

A world where lovers were predestined, where family bonds ran deep and envy ran even deeper. 

*on a side note this story has nothing to do with the fairy tale 'little red riding hood'*

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khotetsu khotetsu Jan 12
Thank goodness I personally don't really care for the rogue themes
I mean it’s your choice but u know having that wouldn’t be so bad😏😏
TorTorLovesYou TorTorLovesYou Sep 18, 2016
I think if you can do mature content in a tasteful way not crude it be good but its up to you
Wolfmanic Wolfmanic Jul 01, 2016
When you say mature, do you mean just swear and gore or do you mean hardcore nudity,gore,swearing, and highly detailed intercourse?
OlympicWolf OlympicWolf Mar 05, 2016
Hi Mich, write what's in your heart and what makes the story better. Richer and more complete.  You'll know what to do.  Best o' luck!
alsey89 alsey89 Aug 17, 2016
Still wondering about the concept... a special wolf with powers because of the fur colour... is that it or have I gotten it wrong? 
                              I'm just so bad... not knowing an obvious thing...