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Same, But Different (A Fullmetal Alchemist fan-fic)

Same, But Different (A Fullmetal Alchemist fan-fic)

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Alchy By HalfmetalAlchemist Completed

No one can predict the future just as much as no one can know the full truth of the past. It's all based on perspective. 
Amestris isn't as clean as everyone thinks it was. Although they are aware of the sketchy past, only more secrets are bound to be dug up when an "accidental" forbidden meeting takes place between the Halfmetal and Fullmetal Alchemists--who were unaware of the other's existence, for the most part. 
Éclair Elanie, just a not-so-normal girl with the life of an alchemist. Almost the same as Yours Truly, the Fullmetal Alchemist. Except for the fact she's the Halfmetal Alchemist, and plans to stay that way. That, and she travels alone...or she did, before the humuncoli and someone else start hunting her down.
That all seems to not matter to her, since she's stuck with her 'best friend' the Fullmetal Alchemist.

---> Please disregard the terrible spelling mistakes from my original draft FROM 5 YEARS AGO, I'm working on editing. I just finished editing Little White Lies of the Past (Trevor's Secret)

                              One does not simply read an FMA fanfiction once.
RyRyBnkzGamer RyRyBnkzGamer Feb 22, 2016
please check out my FMA FanFiction plz it's actually pretty good just search up my name and ignore my other account
mistakecentral mistakecentral Jul 26, 2015
OMF THE CAST! Roy--Useless on rainy days. Envy-Gender confused palm tree XD I thought when i first starting watching fma that i was though one who that he was a palm tree, glad to see im not alone XD
AGracefulShadow AGracefulShadow Jun 19, 2015
the cast...Envy is a palm tree...and he...I loled everywhere
toowonhoe toowonhoe Feb 01, 2015
lol i love how envy is cast as the gender confused palm tree
EnderWolf_ EnderWolf_ Dec 21, 2014
It'll probably be mine or be joint first with Death Note, Hetalia and Black Butler