Lies in Holmes Chapel (Completed) Larry AU

Lies in Holmes Chapel (Completed) Larry AU

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Keileigh Jones By keil-san Completed

Harry Styles school "photographer" aka the school editor since the school is faker than Kim Kardashian's ass. 

Holmes Chaple. You would think that every high school you would see the normal. The cheerleaders, the jocks, and the nerds. No here you see a bunch of students with frowns on there face as they take selfies in the hall and claim they are happy and carefree. 

The football team has jerseys and everything but they don't play. They get in a position as if they are gonna play but they don't. Harry takes a picture of them and photoshops it with a petty caption like its real. 

Same for the cheerleaders they don't put themselves into a pyramid Harry does, in photoshop. 

The nerds are the same. They weight till the teacher isn't looking and pulls out there phone and searches the answers. Jocks pay them to do there homework bc they are too lazy. 

Louis a newbie. After seeing Harry's photos he finally joined the school. Only to be shut down once he walked in. The halls weren't crowded the students barely talked. Everything was bland. 

Louis told himself he's gonna change that once he sees who is making up the lies at the school.

This is a short Larry AU 

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