Blue Moon

Blue Moon

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Golden By burntbrulee Updated Jun 13, 2015

“Why did you mark me?” I asked. My words came out huskier than I intended, causing me to blush bright red.
	He stepped forward, pushing me back into a corner. I couldn’t escape him even if I wanted to. 

	We both knew I didn’t want to escape him. 

	“You know why wolves mark their mates, don’t you?” He replied, his voice just as husky as mine. “It’s to claim their mate as their own. That means that you, Katya, are mine. And I don’t plan on letting you go anytime soon.”

	Before I could respond, he had captured my lips in a searing kiss. It was one that forced me to acknowledge the truth in his words; no matter what I wanted to believe, I was his.


	When Katya Winthrop moved to Alaska, all she was searching for was safety. Unfortunately, fate has a way of catching up to her. Before she knows it, she is tangled up in webs of lies and trapped in a world where monsters run wild. 

	Who knew Alaska could be so dangerous?

I_Speak_Riddlish_123 I_Speak_Riddlish_123 Jun 10, 2016
Bruh I live in frickin Florida. Land of mosquitos and unexpected rain.
shookharold shookharold Feb 11, 2016
We had a whole week of thunder storms in australia last week and now we are having a bloody heatwave!
LoverAngel13 LoverAngel13 Apr 27, 2016
I was wondering why there were 152 comments on a few sentences about the setting. Now I'm here I'm like.... Well...
Booknerrd102 Booknerrd102 Aug 16, 2016
Alaska is not a waste land.. It's beautiful any time of year.
bombniac_insomniac bombniac_insomniac Feb 21, 2016
Alaska's not that barren. Lol I live in Florida but my brother moved to Alaska cause he thought he could handle the weather difference.
aaw456 aaw456 Aug 31, 2015
sounds like minnesota.... where's all my MN people at? this is so true