Secrets All Around (girlxgirl)

Secrets All Around (girlxgirl)

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Kacine Leonardo is a senior in high school.  She's a cheerleader. She's gorgeous.  With her dirty blonde hair that goes to the middle of her back. Chocolate fudge eyes that warms everyones heart. And a beautiful smile. The only thing is, is that she's bisexual.  The only people who knows is her parents. Her best friend, Samantha, soon finds out and is okay with her sexuality. Kacine has this huge crush on one stud at her school and that's Taylor Gavin.

Taylor and her Australian friend Elya are two openly gay girls. Taylor also has a crush on Kacine. Kacine and Taylor are two girls who don't even know they both have feelings for each other. But who knows if they'll ever figure that out. 

As these two hang out more, they become more and more oblivious...they don't even realize the biggest secrets lying right there in front of their faces.

  • girlxgirl
  • humor
  • lgbt
  • teen-romance
that1emokid that1emokid May 11, 2017
Yo dudes it's all cool it ain't that deep but I gotta say these dots totally say a lot
Potterhead_105 Potterhead_105 Jul 20, 2017 anybody reading this in an Australian accent? Cause I am XD
White_Rose53 White_Rose53 Sep 24, 2017
I told my dad and straight forward he accepted it and says he loves Me cuz I'm me I was so happy and started crying best dad ever 😂💖
Semii-Quartz Semii-Quartz Mar 12, 2017
All the people complaining about this POV really need to stop before they say it doesn't have any new information. It does. We know how Sam is seeing and interpreting the scene. That could make a real difference in the future. Not to mention that it doesn't hurt the story in any way. Get over it.
drescherfan4 drescherfan4 May 07, 2017
They really aren't once u get the hang of it u just need someone to explain it to u
I’m just villain vying for attention from a girl, a girl who can’t decide and here’s the reason why.... girls love girls and boys!