Same Difference ▲ A Sasuke Romance

Same Difference ▲ A Sasuke Romance

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izzy By liyue- Updated Jun 07, 2016

"What do you want?" he groans but I can see a smile as he hides his face behind his hand. 

Without thinking, words string themselves into a sentence for me.

"To know why you hate me so much."

I can feel the tension in the room rising as Sasuke stares at me. I look into his coal-like eyes. After what feels like an eternity, he finally speaks. I watch his lips form each word carefully.

"Because you're too beautiful."


When Laeru first meets Sasuke, it feels like they are the same. Same interests, same personalities, same hopes and dreams. But as their twisted relationship at St. Konoha grows, they may not be quite the same after all.  (Modern Fanfic)

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