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A Blooming Cherry Blossom

A Blooming Cherry Blossom

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FanFiction_PJo_2000 By FanFiction_PJo_2000 Updated Oct 08, 2016

Sakura Haruno. A name in the shadows of the famous team seven.                                       But what if it was all an act?                 
Sakura is different, her pink hair was a sign of a demon.                   
Something bigger than a tailed beast.                                                    Never knowing of her kekkei genkei or her heritage she was sent to Konaha. Unaware of the cravings for her power.             Growing up she was teased and bullied.                                   During the academy she wasn't even drawn to the devilishly handsome, Sasuke Uchiha.   Even though she studied, random and unusual powers came to the child.              Training alone and keeping the very secrets to herself.                                                
Every team mission, an ability will
 slip, the chunin exams will change.                               Rivalry, strength and weakness resides in all of us, the fated has a demon.                                  The day will come were she will be in danger along with her friends and her Achilles heal.                   
The fated and destiny will bloom as she is the chosen cherry blossom.

She's still a baby but she opened her eyes and her hair just grown.
Yeah they did but exceptionally they don't know how to take care of someone baby. Well women did know but maybe not all men do
Sakura_Nara_Hyuga Sakura_Nara_Hyuga Sep 04, 2016
Yup. These my fav adults. Fugaku is sometimes THO
                              I luv shikaku Becuz hes BAE dad
                              I luv Hisashi Becuz hes chill. He's hina-nee dad and BAE uncle
                              Inoichi is chill
                              And jii is just awesome and chill and amazing
                              So yeah. These my fav adults boys