Right Here Waiting... (A GraLu fanfic)

Right Here Waiting... (A GraLu fanfic)

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Lizette Velasco By FTforever_04 Updated Jan 14, 2015

In this story, Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial spirit mage, has been kicked out of Team Natsu, and been hated by all of her nakamas because of the boy she fell in love with... Natsu Dragneel. But a certain raven-haired mage never hated Lucy. Gray Fullbuster.

 As Lucy leaves Fairy Tail to get stronger, Gray tags along with her. 

See what happens to their love story. :))
All characters belong to Hiro Mishima... No copyright infringement intended. Hope y'all enjoy my first story :))

Lucy_Dreyar2904 Lucy_Dreyar2904 Sep 20, 2017
Wow don't say gay say happy and when you be happy oh kid be hapmarlous
NyancatSuperstar NyancatSuperstar Sep 03, 2017
I think we should freeze him, make you marry Lucy, and then have 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 kids
scarletrose84 scarletrose84 Jun 05, 2017
Lucy:"Th-thanks but im fine..."*puts on a sad smile*
                              Gray:*has a worried/sad face* *says in his mind* "Notice me senpai"
RaNdOm_WeIrDo_03 RaNdOm_WeIrDo_03 Nov 14, 2017
Poor Gray, senpai isn't noticing him 😂 I'm sorry I'll leave 😂😂
lostsoul220 lostsoul220 Jun 04
I'm dying 'sounds gay' what does that even mean people say it all the time but they don't even really know what it means
rrBexAnime rrBexAnime Oct 08, 2017
I’m not even gunna go into this cas I will start to rant 😂😂