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Gemma Lawrence By GemmaLawrence31 Updated Dec 11, 2016

A tale harking back to the traditions of Gothic horror and suspense...In 2014 a young girl finds the old diary of a Victorian governess brought to a strange house on the edge of the Cornish moors. As strange events begin to unfold she has cause to distrust the magnetic master of the house and his sister, her cousins. She must discover the secrets of the family before time runs out, for her and her pupil, the wayward Anna....

 A strange book nestled between others on a library shelf speaks a warning from its pages to a young girl seeking peace in a world where she has known too much conflict. What secrets will come from this book and what truths will it uncover, that we wished had been left hidden?

The wild moors and coast of Cornwall hide ancient secrets which still haunt the present in this tale of Gothic horror, suspense and death...linking the future and the past together in a secret that must be uncovered...

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StephanieChebet StephanieChebet Apr 11, 2017
Never have i ever read such a captivating prologue,and one that speaks such truth.
Ombrobibliophile Ombrobibliophile Apr 05, 2017
Now this seems like a book worth reading... I am completely going to fall for the reverse psychology used here.
Winterborne79 Winterborne79 Nov 07, 2016
I beg to differ..this is the book for me.🌚 Nyctophiliac here and lover of Gothic horror, how do you do. Now, onto the next chapter...
WilsonGill WilsonGill Apr 25, 2016
I plan to ignore the warning. Looking forward to reading something special from one of my favourite authors. Voted.
GemmaLawrence31 GemmaLawrence31 Aug 14, 2014
Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.
                              Walt Whitman
GemmaLawrence31 GemmaLawrence31 Jul 05, 2014
This is my take on a traditional Gothic novel...I have always loved the works of the Brontes, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin and the horrors of Matthew Lewis and Stephen King...I hope i can do the genre some justice ...I hope you like it!