The Twist Of Purple

The Twist Of Purple

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N.J.S By NJ_TheProud_Froggo Updated Mar 14, 2019

Previously named as Purple Lantern *cringe*


Don't get Sheileen wrong,it was never her actual intention to disrespect confucius's philosophy about life being simple and easy......

But when you start having nightmares about suicide commiting boys and your beloved behind gets haunted by mysteriously shady looking dude with a fetish for purple lanterns,life seems to get a tad bit harder than Ramsey's beef wellington recipe.

And if dreams start getting real and reality starts turning into a lame yet horrifying nightmare,you absolutely may not get suspicious about your mental health nor think twice before going "Krav Maga" on life's stupid Oh-so-dramatic ass.

And guess what,

Sheileen is going to do just that!