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Purple Lantern

Purple Lantern

280 Reads 56 Votes 12 Part Story
NJ_TheProud_Froggo By NJ_TheProud_Froggo Updated 5 days ago

I was fading.Life was hopeless for me and my life was worthless to others.

Then you came.

I was so close to giving up and the saddest thing is I wanted to.I was so freaking exhausted of falling over and over again ....I wanted to be free so badly that I was so close to take the easiest way out this cruel world has to offer.

So close.

But then you came.

I am sorry...that after being shackled to the dark for such a long time when somebody finally came to save me,while showing me the brightest light existing..

I became blind and screamed bloody murder.

I was so flabbergasted by the fact that fate really did offered me something good...no great ...at last..
that I can't help but feel like this was some kind of sick cruel joke.

So I am sorry..that I tried to push away the only person who was sent to save me.

I am Xavier Collin.

And this is 'her' story.

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