Beyond Magic (A Harry Potter Roleplay)

Beyond Magic (A Harry Potter Roleplay)

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(As the title says but I'll give a bit more description cause I'm not that lazy xD)

You all know how the story plays out. 
Harry was born. 
Voldemort tried to kill Harry because of some prophecy that had been foretold many years before.
His parents died but he lived.
He was sent to live with his neglectful aunt, uncle and cousin.
Once he arrived at Hogwarts, his life had changed for the better and worse.

Years later, the Battle of Hogwarts happened. 
Plenty of people were slain in the fight.
But one of those deaths meant peace for the world.
Voldemort's death.
He no longer spread fear and darkness in the world.

It is once again a few years later.
The children who survived that fight have decided to settle down, get married, have kids or go on adventures. 
This is where you come in.
Because you are the next generation at Hogwarts.

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