No Homo (Royce BoyXBoy) •C•O•M•P•L•E•T•E•D•

No Homo (Royce BoyXBoy) •C•O•M•P•L•E•T•E•D•

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bland By -lonesome Updated Jun 08, 2014

Jacob Perez was never noticed. He passes straight and no-one would  look at him. Butt does he care? No... He's a book worm... and also gay... He only has one friend name Rayan Lopez... 

Then there's Chresanto...

Chresanto August is as straight as a lollipop stick.. He gets ALL the girls in the school... But what happens to Chresanto when he needs tutoring...

(Formerly known as @Lil_MeB. 14/04/14 - 17/09/14)

Mindlessone13 Mindlessone13 May 30, 2016
No need to worry about me saying anything like that because. I'm bi and I'm proud
- - Sep 25, 2016
His poles so bent he's doing a u-turn 😂😂😂. He reminded me of a puppy, so adorable😍
spiffy_tho273 spiffy_tho273 Apr 22, 2016
Lmao this says perv and freak zone all over it.........I LOVE IT😂😂😂😙
lovelygirlsym lovelygirlsym Aug 03, 2015
I'm imagining when I was a little kid and someone in my class got in trouble. Lol
ya thats what straight boys do got it.......just say you gay so i can like you more than i already do
Angelwings3011 Angelwings3011 Apr 27, 2015
but did anybody else read this in a ghetto black girl just me...Ok lol