Intense Desire

Intense Desire

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Amara Divine By AmarachukwuAguolu Updated 2 days ago

"I want you." he said voicing his thoughts. She looked at him innocently.

"I'm here." she answered confused. Her innocence only fueled his desire. He took threatening steps to her as she stepped backed until her back hit the wall. With him so close to her she felt his heat and minty breathe on her face. She saw his grey eyes darkened when she bit her lips nervously.

"Don't do that, you're making it much harder for me." he voiced husky from trying to hold to his restraint. "Don't do what?" she asked, her voice trembling from his nearness. With that statement his control snapped, before she knew his intentions his lips meet hers.

Since she was born, Iris has never been outside her house because of the warnings her deranged mother told her about dark shadows and silent whispering among monsters. Not until her mother died when she was 24years. The next day at midnight, she takes courage to go outside for the first time so no one saw her but ran into a man who was chasing two other people. 

Ace was dark, cold, dangerous and everything people feared until he collided with an angel who melts his cold stone heart with her innocent green eyes and decided to take her and keep her for himself.

  • dark
  • innocence
  • jealousy
  • love
  • mafia
  • passion
  • possessive
  • romance