Oreo •BWWM•

Oreo •BWWM•

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Nikki. By MusicRaspberryLove Updated Oct 15, 2016

"To live in a world where love only mattered, and the color of your skin didn't would be nearly impossible," I sadly whisper to him trying to pull away.

Instead of letting me go, he pulls me tighter to his strong chest, making sure to keep my gaze on his, "To live in a world without you is impossible." He mutters before crashing his lips onto mine and I kiss him right back.


[Teacher-Student/BWWM Romance]

Marie is from a small town and has been accepted to a private university in upstate New York. As a black women, she's always been leery and cautious about pursuing any white man, especially after the shît she went through in high school. But, her perspective is soon persuaded by none other than the sexy, handsome, and humble Ethan Samuels. Unfortunately, he's her English Teachers' teachers assistant.

In other words, completely off limits.

Ethan's never gotten along with his sadistic father. He doesn't wanna be anything like him, let alone work for him. But, he doesn't really complain when the benefits of being a multi-billionaire's son work in his favor. Ethan didn't care for the consequences these "quests" that his father sends him on until he meets beautiful and sassy Marie. It just so happens that she's in one of his classes, but it doesn't really deter him in any way. His dark past (and present) is what forces Marie away. He doesn't want to let her go, but he forces himself to keep his complicated world and her normal life separate.

But, to be completely honest with you, Marie was trapped from the first moment she punched his so called rich bitch of a fiancé in the face.

Enjoy! ;) #Wattys2016


"It's a really great book so far and I'm enjoying it a lot. Take solace in knowing that you have a real talent. Can't wait for the next update!"

- @GreenRoots, co-author of The Good Girl & The Porn Star

"Always enjoy your updates!"

- @elnorap

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That's me lol, natural born Texan. My accent only comes out every once in a while
Deyadoesnotcare Deyadoesnotcare Dec 21, 2017
Same. Even the way I speak does not sound like a black girl at all. Bruh
I’d turn around, mean mug them and be like “b*tch” 😂😂
Geniafaye Geniafaye Jan 02
It broke my dad's heart when he found out I lost my virginity
DaStuffster DaStuffster Nov 23, 2017
I got so pissed reading this paragraph lol I had to reread it ex Damn I was triggered 😞 I can relate
KieraR KieraR Oct 20, 2017
I was called an Oreo in middle and high school and absolutely hated it, by the black guys at my school. I never saw myself as that. I was just only a black girl