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Aventura is alone on the run, she finds a new peaceful home in the town of La Push. Where she meets an odd group of guys. One seems to stand out to her but why? Will she one day forget about her past and let the one man that loves her into her heart? read to find out

ShipaKwoli ShipaKwoli Nov 27, 2016
I'm sorry but no. Please be respectful to the tribe and it's laws. The only way you can live in La Push is if you are of the tribe, no other reason. It's really disrespectful to them for you to just blatantly make stuff up about their tribe, Stephanie Meyers actually spoke to the council beforehand.
EmmaRaeLou EmmaRaeLou Jul 11, 2016
I find all of the pack good looking not In a creepy way lol damn I'm such an embarrassment to nature
EmmaRaeLou EmmaRaeLou Jul 11, 2016
Damn yeah never go commando unless you're alone because it's awkward when someone finds out
BabyGEasyAs123 BabyGEasyAs123 Jul 06, 2016
NEVER GO COMMANDO IN FRONT OF BOYS. ITS DOESNT TURN THEM ON VARY MUCH. I would at least try and dry my bra a bit and then put it on.
I would've just gotten heaps off the card then made my own account so they cant cancel it or track it
Paul Lahore, giving the puppy dog face. He's just so adorable😍
                              After Sethy that is