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R.C. Mich By RogoMima Updated Jun 25, 2018

The Unknown becomes known
The curiosity once lightened will continue to burn until it results in knowledge
That knowledge is just one, incomplete, yet still, it can't be more perfect
Because that knowledge is HIM

Beyond time and space, just a flicker of a soul bound to colorless surroundings,  filled with nothingness, until it found HER

! This is me experimenting with a darker story, I do not know where it will end, the type or anything else, what I know, is that it most certainly will contain gorry descriptions which might not be suitable for a younger audience, and might even have of a sexual feeling for some of the chapters.

I will try to make it short and just play around until I feel like it. You're welcome to read, comment or simply join me as I try to figure this out!

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