the crowned Luna

the crowned Luna

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Paige Powell By paigempowell123 Updated Apr 26

Triggers:mild violence and bad language.

living as a simple she wolf, is 17 year old Calliope Williams. She was born and raised in a small pack, up in the mountains where its cold and it snows often. She is happy with how simple her life is. She was happy being a low ranking pack member and she was content with how things are going.
 She knew there was a possibility of it changing as time got closer to the Mating Ball.  

 A Week long Ball was held for Aphla's and Beta's to take their un-mated pack members once a year. It was basically a summer camp ran by wolves. it was usually a week long of showing off skills and training. but mostly just meeting new people and having big formal parties at night. This all started because it helps alot of wolves meet their mates. and it helps for the Alpha's get together to discuss business and make friend ships with other packs.
Alpha's and Beta's are usually making new treaties and rules and keeping the peace while all of this is going on.
But it's also a very dangerous place to be with rouges and enemy packs close by. 

Will Callie meet Her soulmate this year? And if so Who will 'he' be? 
 There will be danger, excitment, love, loss, happiness, basically a emotional rollercoaster.

This is just a very rough draft of what i want the story to be, i see that i ramble and i dont go into big detail. im just trying to write while i can while it is in my head. please be patient with me and if alot of people like it ill update it and maybe countinue with another book after. im open for any ideas so please comment and let me know what you think. but nicely please. no rude or mean comments.

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