Warlords Of The Oaken Chalice

Warlords Of The Oaken Chalice

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M.A.B. Holloway By mabholloway Completed

An Epic Fantasy Short Story!

Four warlords battle it out to claim the power of the Oaken Chalice for themselves, the ultimate prize in this wartorn land. Everything to gain, and everything to lose, they will stop at nothing and sacrifice all to be victorious in this epic battle.

"We stand now, unhorsed, but not undone. We stand together, readied, in defence of the Oaken Chalice. And we will show them no mercy!" - Reliasse The Merciless

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LilyYWales LilyYWales Jun 27
I imagine her grin grow wider as she delivers the killing blow. Perhaps an idea to include in the scene? :)
This charging scene is so cool! I feel like I know exactly where people are, what they are doing, and what the goal is, which can be tough when writing about hectic battle scenes.
cut the life/never truly believed they would die: it's turns of phrase and observations like these that you work in so casually, which I admire!
EmersonLee6 EmersonLee6 Sep 02
:( Damn what a epicly heroic but tragic way to start off the story. I'm guessing this is like a scene from long ago that serves to set up the story?
DAlanBonn DAlanBonn Dec 03
I like the "named in life, nameless in death", actually, I like the whole line too. :D
Kythrala Kythrala Sep 17
This was a powerful opening chapter, the tense atmosphere almost felt real and it flowed seamlessly, nothing feeling out of place or forced.