The Impossible, The Possible, And The Complicated

The Impossible, The Possible, And The Complicated

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° a man trapped in the past, and a woman thinking of the future, can only be together in the small space called the present °

Some things are impossible, and that is what Jared Jones believes.

Whether it be getting over his writers' block and completing his unfinished manuscript to publish it; meeting the standard he set for himself at the age of twenty-three; or moving on from his late girlfriend's memory, some things cannot be done.

Everything is possible, and that is what Eden Abraham believes. 

Whether it be being an immigrant and still wanting to change the country for the better; forgetting all the things holding her back, such as her culture or religion; and getting the job of an illustrator with a publishing company when she's actually getting a post-grad in neuroscience, Eden is set on making the impossible possible. 

What theu both learn on their complicated journey together, is that things are actually pretty -- well -- complicated.

Whether it's shifting from novel-writing to poetry-writing, falling in love with a Muslim woman and getting around her no-skin rule, or raising a rebellious six-year-old while juggling single-parenthood and immigrant restraints in a country claiming equality, life has a way to twisting our of control.

Because she believes in God, and he believes in them. 



Not a cliché.