Boys in Blind Lights [**rewrite**]

Boys in Blind Lights [**rewrite**]

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Crys_Tells By Crys_Tells Updated Jan 02

***This story is currently being rewritten! This means that yes the plot will change a bit. Like the timeframe and other things but it will connect with some of the more recent chapters. Please be patient with me!*****


"Don't let the lights blind you. You'll be in too deep before you know it."

Kim Seokjin is a young tired actor waiting to just finish the time left on his company's contract.

Kim Namjoon is an aspiring idol trainee, anxious for the day he and his members will debut. 

In an attempt to promote his group, Namjoon is sent to the new variety show "Hello Seonbaenim!". Due to karma, Seokjin is also casted for the show. The show portrays young rookies meeting and forming friendships with celebrities, and by fate Seokjin is paired up with Namjoon.

On camera each smile and laugh, but behind the cameras, they're each caught up in their own problems. Money, scandals, corruption, fame doesn't seem all its said to be.