Markiplier x Female Reader   My Angel

Markiplier x Female Reader My Angel

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Mikasaackerman098 By MikasaAckerman098 Updated Jun 08, 2018

You were always despised by your family from as long as you can remember, and one day, they finally decided they've had enough. You're not sure why they hate you, or what you did, but you had to have done something, because they kick you out of the house, forcing you to fend for yourself.

When you move in to an apartment, it doesn't take long before you meet who you never in a million years thought would've lived next to you.

The one and only, Mark Fischbach.

Once you two get to know each other, he eventually asks you out on a date, during which, everyone of his fans nearby asks if you're now a couple. And news spreads around quickly. Rumors saying you are, even though you aren't.

Though you wish you were.

When your family hears of this, and your sister explains Mark's wealth, they try to take you back in, only to have you decline them, too afraid of what they might do to you or Mark.

After several days of this, Mark finally decides he's had enough, and decides to post a video about the whole situation.

Will he confess he has feelings for you? Or will the man of your dreams shut you down, just like your family had done to you?

Find out in this thrilling adventure.

The story of how you and Mark came to be.