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You unlock my heart

You unlock my heart

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bookworm5614 By bookworm5614 Completed

Alisha has not had the most exciting life a person could have. Her mom abuses her and her dad thinks that she's dead. she doesn't go to school and she doesn't know who she really is. until one day when she is wearing her hoodie and is going shopping she bumps into a guy named Carson who says that he's her Mate? Alisha has no idea about what a mate is or the world that she is about to enter that's going to change her life forever. However the thing is she doesn't talk because over the years that she has been abused she locked her heart up so that she would never be hurt by a boy again. But when she gets used to Carson being around and she is falling for him big time she has a decision to make should she keep her heart locked up just because she has a feeling that she's falling into a trap or should she take the risk and talk to Carson and risk everything that she's been doubting her whole life? Love. but as challenges rise above all her decision must be made when she is kidnapped but she is still unsure if Carson is just using her or if he really does love her she won't give up on talking unless she knows for sure if Carson is the key to her locked heart.

emontoya53 emontoya53 Aug 13, 2016
Funny how mates  find each other and love one another quickly
TurtleRock999 TurtleRock999 Dec 04, 2016
What cut her?! Nothing was there when she felt that pain in her arm and leg!
xXCatsMeowXx xXCatsMeowXx Sep 15, 2016
Bruh tf at 4 i could barely talk properly and when i got 3 sentences it was all nonsense
PhylisCollins PhylisCollins May 26, 2015
just how can a mother be so cruel.   It's totally not right.  The mother should be tortured and put to death.  pretty good story so far flows nicely.
Kem667 Kem667 Mar 09, 2013
Her mom better be put in jail or I will go to your house and force you to change it so she does. If your wondering how I'll force just read my username. **creepy smile**
tinylittleone tinylittleone Nov 21, 2012
Just reading the description about what the story is going to be about got me already loving this story of yours already and I hope you continue writing :)