Memories (BoyxBoy)

Memories (BoyxBoy)

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Shayna By Llamas-and-whiskers Completed

Kai is a broken soul. No one cares about him; he can't even find it in him to care about himself. As Kai begins his ultimate downwards spiral, ready to end it all, a man by the name of Jace comes into his life and slowly but surely, restores his faith in love and in himself.

*Trigger Warning*
-Mentions: Depression, Eating disorders, suicide, child abuse, bullying, drugs and alcohol abuse

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when you go back to read your favourite phan fic and discover its been turned into a boy x boy, wowza I'm triggered
phanftagb phanftagb Sep 09
oh god i'm so excited, this is the first time i'm reading thiss
batmanphan batmanphan Oct 24
aw I came back to read this and now it got turned into kai and jace instead of dan and phil? Meh I am still enjoying this, I really love this story
tbbt_tmr tbbt_tmr Aug 28
i started reading for this for the second time when dnp were still in the story but i'm excited to start over again and fall in love with these characters ahh
I'm standing on a bridge
                              I'm waitin' in the dark
                              I thought that you'd be here by now
                              There's nothing but the rain
                              No footsteps on the ground
                              I'm listening but there's no sound
                              Isn't anyone tryin' to find me?
                              Won't somebody come take me home
skyiris7 skyiris7 Nov 04
This was my favorite phanfic ever since I read it over a year ago. After all that time, it remained my favorite. And now it isn't even a phanfic..