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MaNan ~ Her Second Mate!

MaNan ~ Her Second Mate!

187K Reads 23.9K Votes 60 Part Story
•A Shy Gurl• By writerSIDD Updated Feb 27

The story revolves around a girl NANDINI who is an omega of her pack and the alpha  of the pack ARYAMAN is her mate. He reject her thinking her as a weak wolf unknow to the fact that she will be the most gorgeous and feisty wolf in the history of wolf-kind. After getting rejected she pray to moongodess to give her a mate who will be kind and will love her inner self rather then outer-layer. Her wish was granted and she get her SECOND MATE-- MANIK who fall in love with her in an instant.

Join this story to find how she find out about her power and how aryaman after getting to know about her powers try to get her.


Its highly unedited and alot cringe because  it was my first attempt...but the storyline is..uhm..good!


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