The Siren

The Siren

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♡ LADY MIDNIGHT ♡ By Midnight_Phantom18 Updated Mar 15

She's more lethal than she seems. An intoxicating beauty that entrances her seducers with the sweetest soprano's note, so sweet like honey . . . Honey that traps its prey.  

Though she's no angel . . . She wishes for love . . a love too far away. . . too far from reach . . .

~My poetry starts off angelic and sweet, but than turns bitter and dark.~


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Author: @Midnight_Phantom18
©copyright 2020
Cover art by: @cool_reader_
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@taya_0 -  im literally getting butterflies, your writing is that amazing !!!

@August_Parker -  I'm having difficulty in choosing which one is my favourite in this book CAUSE ALL THE POEMS ARE AWESOME

@Szanuka -  I have read it all so fast with such feelings... Thank yoy for these words, for this adventure in a deep blue ocean of your beautiful thoughts <3!

@Eacm112017 -  Omg idk what other words to use beside esto es pura belleza!

@Silent_Screams00 - Like a beautiful enchantres of the land of the living set to destroy what good we are left with...i love it...a lot

@cool_reader_ -  I love the way how you write your poems. They are based on a theme and you follow it perfectly. The use of literary devices in your poems never fails to astound me. Those metaphors, those repetitions, those whispers. I feel like your poems whisper and giggle in my ear, which is amazing because it is not very often that I like a poem.