Undercover (Jungkook X Reader) [UNCONTINUED]

Undercover (Jungkook X Reader) [UNCONTINUED]

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KzMissAnime By AKaylaBTS Updated Jul 03, 2018

Kim Y/n, sister of Seok Jin the most popular kid in school. Also the daughter of a CEO father. She doesn't like showing her beauty but expresses her intelligence and is strong by heart. 

Along school it's her third year, she meets a boy named Jeon Jungkook. Son of a CEO father as well. His face shines with handsomeness and is likely a playboy. All the girls fall for him. 

One day, their fathers gather in a meeting and made plans for Jungkook and Y/n. Going undercover. 

"You guys will go undercover, together". "What?! I can't work with a mischievous playboy!", "Me?! What about you nerd" I scoffed. 

"Dad please!", "The decision has been made!" I groaned. Me and Jungkook looked through the file our fathers gave us. "A mission at a bar?". 

Experiencing drunkness for a 16/17 year old - Getting your drink spiked - Getting kidnapped - Sleeping in the same bed as a Jungkook - Developing feelings. 

Read more to find out about Y/n and Jungkook's adventure.

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