The Coffee Thing//Shawn Mendes Edition.

The Coffee Thing//Shawn Mendes Edition.

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M&Michelle By M-and-Michelle Updated Nov 06

Her life was just a fairytale gone wrong. 
Until she meets a certain young man. 
Who fixes everything. And steals her heart.

❝Hi, I'm Shawn.❞ 
                                                                                 ❝Pleasure to meet you, Shawn, call me Charley.❞

She was just a normal girl from the outside, except she wasn't so normal inside. Shattered and scarred, Charley Haig is a broken girl. A broken girl, with a broken mind and a broken heart, Charley survived her hell. 

He was famous and everybody knew him, but he was searching for love. Being stalked 24/7, on every corner by camera's and eager fangirls, finding his true love was hard for Shawn Mendes. Fame comes with a price, right?

Both never thought that one single trip to get coffee would change their lives. Both never thought that they would find the so-named 'true love' right there on that spot. 

© Michelle Than, M-and-Michelle 2018. 

All rights reserved. 

Shawn Mendes Fanfiction. 
Started: 6 June 2018
First Chapter Up: TBA
Finished: TBA

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