Clash of the Clans

Clash of the Clans

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George By vampires98 Updated Sep 07, 2012

Leading characters P.O.V

"Sada Run!" My voice carried through the forest, a scream full of terror and desperation. Sada huddled near the tree line, her teeth bared, aggression showing in her eyes.


  I screamed louder as I was lifted from the ground  and into a tree trunk. The tree groaned in protested, before giving way. I went strait throw it and into two others. I grunted loudly, gargling as blood spilled down my chin.

 Wood splints filled the air, they almost seemed to flout and freeze. The sound from the impacted brook the silence of the forest, animals scattered away seeking shelter. All but one.

I slipped to the ground, half in the tree and half on the floor. Blood dotted my plain white T-shirt from the splinters of wood. my mouth open and shut, no word came out. A river of blood poured out of my mouth and down  my chin, in a stream of choked cuffs.

 I gasped for breath only to get a blinding pain run up my back and around my sides, making me choke more. My ribs were ...

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