Five girls. That's all it took, the man was completley satisfied now. They are the perfect DOLLS. Or so he thinks. A young man who is completley insane, revolved his childhood on his five DOLLS. When they are destroyed he was completley empty inside, until he spotted her. He saw his DOLL roaming the streets. He took her and gave her everythig she possibly needed. One down Four to go.

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Harley_Queen_1 Harley_Queen_1 Nov 19, 2017
Omg I love this so much!!!!!! If I was her I'd just go with the flow lol he seems nice. Just be nice and you'd get all of the cute outfits and a new makeover! It'd be awesome. I know it's sad but still pretty cool 😹
LexiLouise LexiLouise Mar 16, 2013
Just read the first chapter and I will definitely be reading more :) 
                              Great work! Keep writing!
rocketkleiber rocketkleiber Aug 07, 2012
Hi! My book is called the rising, could you read it please!!!
AskingAlexandria8898 AskingAlexandria8898 Jun 15, 2012
@OyewoleBukola thanks! Ive actually read the Cellar. It inspired me to do something along the lines of a horror book. Glad you like it and thanks for the support!
Butterflyqueen Butterflyqueen Jun 15, 2012
LIKE Is not the word i LOVE it, pls UPDATE SOON. For ideas u may read The cellar. I like your story line
AskingAlexandria8898 AskingAlexandria8898 Jun 15, 2012
@rockonpeeps Awww thanks. Iam glad you like it :) I love the name Scarlett now