Falling in Love with my Best Friend

Falling in Love with my Best Friend

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I felt the presence of his body move closer to me but only barely touch me, as if he was teasing me. His lips brushed against my skin as he traveled to the place just under the hollow of my ear. My heart fluttered in my chest. Where had he learned to kiss like this?

He continued down my neck until he hit my collar bone and I felt his hot breath dance across my neck and fall down my shirt right between the swell of my breasts causing me to shiver. OH DANG! I opened my eyes and started to protest.

"I want a rematch! Please!" I pleaded, stepping back.

"Sorry, no can do," he teased, the crooked grin spreading across his lips. 

I shuddered at the thought of actually kissing him. But the part that scared me was I couldn't tell if I was shuttering in disgust or anticipation.


Stacy Hall is a tomboy: she spends most of her time hanging out with boys, she never wears dresses or makeup, and she hates the way other girls obsess over boys and gossip.

But what happens when she starts having feelings for one of her closest guy friends? Someone she's known since she was little. Someone who has a tendency to flirt a little too much.

Will she push him away or pull him closer?

And what if he's just as confused as she is?

LLAMAqueen187 LLAMAqueen187 Jun 05, 2017
I don't really have guy friends.......because they only talk about teachers (being hot ew)and football and they are really annoying but that's the guys I know
Drava1 Drava1 Dec 30, 2017
You've inspired me to write my own book! I wanna know what you think so you should check it out. (:
dandontcomeback dandontcomeback Sep 30, 2017
I can’t wait until she’s like “I love you, Jake Mathews”
waitingforsuperman2 waitingforsuperman2 Dec 07, 2017
I hate/love when guys are like this, because there’s no comeback for it like wth am I supposed to say when someone says that?
iwillneverbesane iwillneverbesane Nov 16, 2017
Stacy: "I hate you Jake Matthews!"
                              Jake: "I hate you too Stacy Ann Hall!"
                              (next thing you know)
                              Stacy: "I love you Jake Matthews!"
                              Jake: "I love you too Stacy Ann hall! "
cortneymarie03 cortneymarie03 Dec 22, 2016
Okay the author is like kinda half trying half mimicking forshadowings and hints, but we all know that they end up falling in love cause the title😂