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PhantomhiveButlerluv By PhantomhiveButlerluv Updated Jan 10, 2015

It had been a year. A year since Ciels new life ..began and a year since Sebastian had been eternally chained to his master...after he noticed what feeling had grown in his heart ...would those chains become feathers warming his cold bones.If his beloved master could have such freedom why couldn't he?

Sebastian's P.O.V

I stood staring at the young boy fragile on the outside but strong on the outside like a doll ... white skin like the glow of the moon, dark blue hair like the darkness of the night sky...he seemed to look like a beautiful painting...he looked too perfect to be real...i checked my pocket watch"i dozed off?" I hurried and walked to the window letting in light "Master it is time to wake up.." i heard a slight moan from my young master as he shoved the covers over his face hiding from the light that came in.

Ciels P.O.V

I didn't feel like waking up today...my body felt strange ...i felt lazy . I tried to take a deep breath but found that i had a stuffy nose . I saw Seba...

XCK080504 XCK080504 Nov 06
Ciel suddenly became more of a "tease" than Sebastian ever was.
Is it just me or does Ciel sound like alois when he says please don't leave me alone...
Ciels are you sure that Sebastian's pants aren't too tight? Judging by the bulge in his pants I think they are! Haha
MikeyFrackingway MikeyFrackingway Nov 29, 2015
You know you've done something right when you can make a demon stutter
Aishikilovr Aishikilovr Jan 28, 2015
Isn't Sebastian the seSebastian is Ciel,whileCiel is Sebastian.ducive one?Its like they switched places.
- - Jan 16, 2015
I'm seriously just like thinking of that moment in the last episode of season two where he asks if the tea is earl grey and there's not even any tea in the fûcking cup